Our Story

I was ten years old when I decided I wanted to be a wedding planner. I was in all my Aunts and Uncles weddings, I adored every aspect of it. I watched wedding shows and would think of theme after theme complete with décor, dress, and color schemes. I would spend hours looking through dress magazines and wedding planning articles. I planned and replanned my own wedding in my head countless times! I loved going into wedding stores and bridal shops. I remember thinking to myself one day how amazing it would be to be a wedding planner. My dad was determined to have be get a degree in a “worthwhile” profession however. So slightly discouraged and unable to get wedding planner certified any time soon, I decided that instead I would start a bridal shop. For those of you wondering, yes the name is spelled wrong on purpose. The “Mary” in “Mary Me Planning” is a play on words. My full name is Maryanna but my family always just called me Mary. When I thought up the name at 11 years old I decided it would be fun to have my name as part of the company I hoped to one day establish. Hence “Mary Me Planning” was born. Fast forward 11 years and though I am currently just starting out I am hoping to one day establish a bridal business that is a top contender with all the other high end bridal shops, planners and venues. However, I want to keep things affordable for the bride on a budget. So welcome to my little corner of the internet and thank you for your support.