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Creating a Budget

wp_20170103_10_12_28_proHaving a budget is crucial to any wedding. Without it you could easily spend over $100,000 before you even buy the dress. Granted some ladies are lucky enough to have an endless budget. However, most of you are probably on some form of budget constraints whether it is from your parents, fiancé, or yourself. Granted if you have a $25,000 to $50,000 budget you may not have to much to worry about but no matter your budget you still want to get as much bang for your buck as possible I am sure. Here are a few tips that work whether you have an endless budget or a restricted budget that help you get the biggest wow factor with the lowest dollar factor.
The Venue ($2,500)
This is probably lowest on my priority list because to me it doesn’t matter if there is a lake with swans in the background and rolling hills or if it’s just a little white church in the woods somewhere. However, I know for most the venue is VERY important. It is the whole setting for the wedding and ultimately will dictate the overall atmosphere so I completely understand why most brides take the venue so very seriously. Spending $5,000 on the venue is probably the easiest 5k you’ll ever spend but before you lay down the big bucks, take the time to look outside of your current area. I’m not saying you need to look at venues that are hours and hours away just to save some cash because in the long run you’ll spend twice as much on gas and travel fees for everyone. What you should do is increase your search radius by about 10-20miles. You’ll be surprised what gorgeous little venues may be just 2 miles away from your current search locations. Also look for places that may just be starting up. They might not have EVERYTHING since they are just starting but if you book a year out you are guaranteed a good price and by the time the wedding gets here they will have expanded their venue options drastically. Additionally, of you can find a venue that you can have the ceremony and at you just saved even more money!
The Dress ( $800 or less)
Next to the ring the dress is easily the highest dollar item. But why. You where it once and then it goes into a dust bag until your great grandchildren want to try it on and play dress up. The dress should be everything you want but the price shouldn’t exceed $1,000 and I still think that is a little much. I would suggest an $800 cap depending on the type of dress. You can keep price down several ways. First, thrift shop! granted some people are superstitious about wearing a pre-worn dress in which case keep reading for another option. If you aren’t though thrift stores can have some of the most beautiful gowns and typically they are well under $250. If you aren’t a thrift store addict though another alternative is to buy a SUPER simple dress. The key is to get the dress style you want. If you or someone you know is good at sewing you can then add and embellish on your own. This saves tons of money plus you get the dress made perfectly to you. Another alternative is to borrow a dress. Wearing you grandmother’s or mothers dress is a sentimental tradition and can be a lovely way to keep someone in the wedding that may not be there anymore. I wore my mother in law’s dress and honestly it made it so wonderfully special that she allowed me the privilege of wearing it. There are several ways to save on the dress just be willing to put in some work.
The Food
Okay the simplest way to save on catering is to not to. If you have a cook in the family or are friends with one ask if they would be willing to do the food as your wedding gift. Same goes for the wedding cake. This is more common than you think. If you don’t know a good cook though then just shop around until you can find the best price. Understand that your guests will be hungry but they aren’t coming there for fillet mignon and the finest wine. They are coming to see you get married. The only thing important about the food is that it is good not that it is the worlds finest. Pizza is always an option (I know someone who did it…yes she was judged for it but she didn’t care and neither did anyone that was there for the real reason of seeing her get married). Put simply try and do as much yourself but if you can’t then just find something affordable. Most importantly make sure setup and clean up are defined as being included or not. My sister in law ran into that problem and she luckily caught it before the wedding but it added to the price to have them clean up.
Hair and makeup ($200)
First line of defense try and get a friend to do it. When all else fails and the budget gets tight the bride is not responsible for the bridal party’s makeup and hair just like she isn’t responsible for the dress. Sometimes it is nice to do it but if the budget doesn’t allow it then don’t feel bad. If you are doing airbrush expect to pay at lest $150.
The best way to save on your budget is to do most of the work yourself. Gather your bridesmaids and family members and get crafty. The more things you do the less it will cost in the long run.

I really hope some of these ideas have helped you in getting a small starting point for budgeting . Let us know what you think by commenting below or emailing us at with more specific questions pertaining to your wedding we always look forward to hearing from you. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us to get updates sent straight to your email! As always we thank you for your support.

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