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Elope and then get Married

SONY DSC      So long story short I didn’t have a traditional wedding. My husband and I eloped. I still wore a dress, I still had a bouquet of flowers (both complements of my amazing mother-in-law). It was just immediate family and his best friend ( well it was supposed to be his best friend but they went to the wrong court house lol). Anyway, point is elope! It takes ALL the stress out of wedding planning and you can actually just enjoy getting ready and getting married. There are several different ways to elope and then “get married.” Here are the two simplest ones I know of 🙂

Option 1

Elope at the court house either just the you and him or the immediate family. Then have a reception at a later date. When we did “reception” it was simply at his Grandmother’s house. We decorated a little and invited all his family and bam reception.

Option 2

Elope at the court house (or with a preacher which ever suites you). Then plan an ACTUAL wedding. You can either tell people you’ve already gotten married or just invite them to the wedding like it is just a normal wedding. This option give you the FUN of the wedding planning without the stress because you are already married and it is more of a sweet sentimental thing to include friends and family in then anything. It will also help with the wedding budget because you will be less inclined to over do stuff.

I wouldn’t change a day about my husband and I’d wedding. Every moment was special and magical and I found out what a blessing my mother in law really was that day. She literally made sure I had a “normal” wedding and thought about all the little things like the flowers, my makeup, doing my hair, etc. Everything that didn’t even cross my mind I was in such a tizzy about it all. No matter what you plan to do try your best to relax and have fun because ultimately your wedding is about a special milestone moment in your life that shouldn’t be stressful.

What’s your ideal wedding plan? Let us know by commenting below or emailing us at marymeplanning@gmail.com. We always look forward to hearing from you. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us to get updates sent straight to your email! As always we thank you for your support.



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