Wedding Planning

Start Well in Advance!

wp_20161220_09_16_14_proI get it you feel like the wedding is forever away. You have plenty of time and can just leisurely plan away. Do NOT fall for this mind trap. To have a less stressful wedding it is so important to get as much done as early as possible. This makes you have LESS to do and not more procrastinated stuff that could go horribly wrong last minute. Now there are several apps and websites that have wedding “planning” calendars that tell you when you should be doing certain things. I have found that they are very helpful, however, I think they don’t always account for the mishaps and miscommunications that go with wedding planning. So if you want to use one go for it but start stuff sooner than they suggest. So first tip…Start well in advance.
     The venue is the first thing you need to be most concerned about. Make sure you book it almost instantly because wedding venues fill up crazy fast and are typically booked at least a year out.
     The caterer is your next big one because without that you could find yourself with a lot of very hungry wedding guests. You don’t have to book one just yet but start looking for a caterer as soon as the venue is booked so you can make sure they meet whatever requirements the venue might have. Try to have at least a rough estimate on the number of guests (you don’t have to know who they are but at least a minimum number). This will help the caterer to give you a more accurate estimate price for their services.
     Okay this may sound a little ridiculous but start figuring out where you want to go on your honeymoon and book ASAP! My sister-in-law and her fiancé are getting married in July. They booked their honeymoon flight out in November (9 months in advance) and they almost missed out because it was already almost full. Most people plan vacations way into the future so you have to compensate for everyone else’s want to get a seat on the plan to. Additionally, the farther out you book hotels and flights the better the deals will be!
     Okay so we have the 1. venue 2. the caterer (either booked or looking), and 3. the honeymoon. Congratulations you already have removed a bucket load of stress. You now have a place for people to go, food for people to eat, and the romantic getaway covered all within the first few weeks to a month of being engaged!! See how much better you feel already.

I hope this helped you with some planning priorities. What do you feel should be top priority in wedding planning?  Feel free to comment below or send us an email at

I am hoping to start adding pictures to my blog posts soon however, in an effort to avoid being sued I don’t want to just grab some off the internet. If you would like to submit pictures that you have taken of dresses, décors, flowers, center piece arrangements etc. send them to and write a release for them to be used on this site. We will credit you in any posts we put your pictures in. Don’t forget to follow us or subscribe to our email list to have these tips and planning ideas sent straight to your inbox! As always we are so thankful for your support!


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