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Holiday Weddings

Holiday weddings can be difficult to navigate. People are usually out of town or have plans during the holidays so how are you supposed to plan a good holiday wedding. The key to winter weddings is PLENTY of advance notice. Make sure you are sending out wedding invitation at least a month earlier than most brides would and understand that you may not have a huge turn out from friends who may be visiting relatives for the holidays. The guest list isn’t the only issue with holiday weddings though. First of all understand that it is okay to not have a cliché holiday wedding. Just because it is Christmas time doesn’t mean you have to have reds and greens and Christmas trees as your theme. Your wedding means you do what YOU want…despite the judgmental aunt or grandmother. However, if you are planning on having what I would consider a “traditional” holiday wedding here are a few tips and guidelines that might help you get started.

 The Dress

Lace sleeves are a classic, winter wedding or not! An A-line or ball gown is often a good go to for Holiday weddings. White instead of ivory or Champaign will give you the winter wonderland look. You can also add an accent color to your dress such as red or green (if that is the colors you chose for your holiday wedding). You can trim the hem in either color or add a satin ribbon around the waist line. Add a touch of faux fur. It can be around the color of the dress, the waist line, or intermixed into the dress itself. There are so many fun things you can do. Another fun but slightly more expensive idea is to get your veil customized to have little baby snowflakes on it.

The flowers

Christmas GARLAND! Red Berry sprigs! Baby pinecones sprinkled with white and glitter. SO many lovely ideas!

 The Décor

Now this is easy because you literally just have to think warm and fuzzy Christmas thoughts and bam wedding décor! Unless you’re really into Santa and Rudolph I would steer clear of the jolly old though. Most winter weddings have a more nature theme to them. Using the natural deer instead of the reindeer. Wicker wreaths make amazing centerpieces. Put a candle in the middle some red berry sprigs and you’re set. Keep the colors warm and cozy and if you are doing an evening wedding keep the lights more muted so as to invite that comfy cozy vibe. Don’t have the lights so dark you can’t see the person you’re talking to though.

Hope some of these tips helped you think of some good ideas for your holiday wedding! I would love to hear some of the wedding themes you are thinking about for your special day! Feel free to comment below or send us an email at marymeplanning@gmail.com I am hoping to start adding pictures to my blog posts soon however, in an effort to avoid being sued I don’t want to just grab some off the internet. If you would like to submit pictures that you have taken of dresses, décors, flowers, center piece arrangements etc. send them to marymeplanning@gmail.com and write a release for them to be used on this site. We will credit you in any posts we put your pictures in. Don’t forget to follow us or subscribe to our email list to have these tips and planning ideas sent straight to your inbox! As always we are so thankful for your support!


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