Wedding Decor

Vintage is Back!

We are taking it back in time! Vintage weddings are starting to become a BIG deal. Sleek and modern are slowly fading and being replaced with lace, pearls, and all things old fashioned. As we all know styles come and go and circle back around so if you aren’t “into” vintage then don’t worry about it! You don’t have to go with what is “IN” in the wedding world because it is YOUR day and you should do I however you want. However, if you don’t have a particular décor picked out just yet then I do recommend vintage. Not because it is “in” but because it is CHEAP! Why is a vintage wedding so cheap? Well simply put because everything I old and hence “out of style.” Not to mention you can get some really awesome décor from your grandma. Trust me she has it buried in a closet somewhere. If you are planning on going vintage for your wedding here are just a few of MANY ideas to help you get started and a few places to look.
Lets start with the obvious. If you want vintage look no further than goodwill they have TONS of awesome vintage like items and they are super cheap. Depending on what type of vintage you are going for you can do all sorts of cool things. I found an old vintage suite case for maybe $3. All you have to do is open it up put some champagne colored silk fabric draped inside (or whatever your wedding colors are) and you’ve got yourself a prime décor item. Get some vintage stationary and put it next to the suite case and you can have your guests write marriage advice and put it in the suite case. Another fun way to decorate it is to hang pictures from your dating days and childhood. Use a nostalgia filter to give it a real vintage vibe.
Hobby Lobby/ Michael’s and similar craft stores
These may run you a little more money but if you find your perfect décor piece is will be so worth it. Good items to get from here are bird cages, old fashion notebooks, and ribbon. Honestly the craft stores are perfect for anything vintage because that is typically what is sold there.
Ask your mother and grandmother if they have anything from “the old days.” Something I would look for would be a broach. Yes a broach. If you have a few pieces of vintage jewelry just place it around the guest book to give it a real old fashion feel. Now don’t get anything heirloom because if it should get lost you wouldn’t want it to be anything to to special.
Color scheme for Vintage weddings are generally more monochromatic. As in there is a central color and the other colors are some lighter more greyed shade of it. You can do vibrant colors for a vintage wedding. However, try to go for the richer colors. Royal purples and blues. Deep reds and Christmas greens. This keeps the over all vintage feel. If you want to spruce up and add some “updated” color in your wedding though pick one BRIGHT shade and then go monotone colors to surround it. This will create a balance in the visual affects.
Stay tuned for more wedding tips and ideas. Make sure to follow or subscribe to get these tips sent straight to your inbox! As always we thank you for you support and look forward to providing you with more content in the coming weeks.

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