Wedding Planning

A Little Bit on Flowers

Let’s talk flowers! Wedding planning is stressful enough by itself but if you are having flowers in your wedding it can be even more stressful. What flowers look good together? What is a good color scheme for them? Do I want accent flowers or just a full bouquet? What shape? What size? real or fake? What if they look wilted before the wedding even starts!?!? Flowers are a delicate process but it doesn’t have to be stressful! Every wedding is different so these are just broad concepts to go by. If you have specific wedding questions though feel free to leave a comment or email us at
There are so many different types of flowers. If you have a favorite flower by all means use that! However, often the bride doesn’t have a specific flower in mind. She just wants something that goes with the décor. So we are going to break some ideas down based on general décor.
Country Rustic
You can take country rustic several different directions but the two main differences I find are what I consider “wildflower rustic” and “pampered rustic.”
Wildflower rustic is just what it sounds like, big bold color choices a kind of semi-chaotic flower design and obviously wildflowers. The yellow and red sunflowers are big with country weddings especially in the fall. They provide a outdoor vibe and offer a “simple country feel.”
Pampered rustic is more of an elegant country vibe. It takes the more traditional elegant flowers and adds the country feel. These are usually done with the softer colors like light pink and bluish lavender. These are more spruced up and give a softer more feminine appeal.
Using the wheat sprigs and greenery are generally helpful to keep a country feel. Add a burlap ribbon or twine and it creates a more rustic vibe.
Simply Elegant
Traditionals such as roses and lilies are usually seen in the simple elegance. Baby’s breath and a touch of greenery most often make their appearance here. White is typically used and little flowers of the color scheme are usually added. You can do pearls or soft feathers as additions. The flower colors are generally soft and the bouquets are tightly put together to give a perfectionist elegant feel. If your wedding is just a simple gathering or even if it is a little more decked out simple elegance is the easiest go between. It looks amazing and you can choose whichever color flowers you want to match the wedding or choose your favorite flowers for the bouquet.
Obviously the name says it all! EXTRAVAGANT! This is where the jewels and the colors and the elaborate flowing bouquets come in. These consist of your BIG untraditional flowers or your more expensive choices such as orchids. They flow and are very busy. However, when done properly they add a wonderfully eye-catching appeal to any wedding. Just make sure you are the center of attention and not your bouquet.
There are so many other aspects of flowers and having them in your wedding and we are looking forward to delving into them further soon. So make sure to subscribe and follow us so you can be the first to hear about more tips and ideas on wedding and event planning. Feel free to comment with any questions. We thank you for your support!

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